Coaching & Mentorship

We offer individual coaching and mentorship with relevant and experienced and networks.

Startups can join Pitch Club our Peer support group for entrepreneurs or for more developed ventures we offer the Arion Program.

Mentor & Coach

New ventures, startups or JV's are exciting.  They really are. and like a race, the imminent race to the finish-line can be a real buzz if you think you can win.  The truth is that most ventures are a marathon and to achieve your goal a coach or mentor can make all the difference.  Why do we send athletes to the olympics with a coach?  A regular one on one with a Christo Partners mentor or coach is a risk mitigation and management investment.  

Pitch Club

Mentoring, Professional Development and Peer Support for new ventures. 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with the uncertainty associated with transforming their idea into a valuable asset. The reality is that for an idea to become an opportunity to then become a business that can be sold, it needs to move through a number of definite and manageable phases. Pitch Club™ offers aspiring entrepreneurs access to a group/pod that includes a peer support, a pod leader and proven pathway and to develop, evaluate, and get the assistance they need to capitalize on their ideas.


  • Monthly one on one with Pod Leader
  • Monthly Tribal Counsel
  • Online Collaboration Space Monthly Speaker (In person or Online).


Arion (commercial or startup)

Arion is a rapid business planning program that is designed to do the hard thinking around your opportunity, stress test the assumptions and map out a way forward that is practical and achievable.

During this phase, your opportunity will be evaluated against an industry recognised +50 item quantitative matrix that will identify potential fatal flaws and areas where you need to focus.  The process will then map out a go to market action plan for you to execute against.