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Even the most experienced climbers don't climb alone, successful olympians have coaches and mentors, business people, especially those looking to play a bigger game are no different. 

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Even the most experienced climbers don't climb alone, successful olympians have coaches and mentors, business people, especially those looking to play a bigger game are no different. 

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Consulting Services

We offer advice based on deep experience, education and skills to help our clients manage risk!

We offer a unique bridge between practical strategic business advice and the technology that underpins modern business.

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Mentoring & Advice

We offer individual coaching and mentorship for GM's, Sales Managers and BDM's based on experienced and strong networks.

Sound advice from an experienced and knowledgable source is an asset not to be underestimated.     

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ICT Services

Whether you see us as technology guys that speak business or business guys that speak technology, it's all the same to us.

We are trusted partners in ensuring the right technologies underpin your business and you remain in control.

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Whether you are launching a new business or growing an established business, sound advice, a forgiving strategy and the right structures are critical to success.  We are about tangible results, and accountability, and you'll be surprised that unlike consultants who 'borrow your watch to tell you the time! and charge you for the privileged, we "get involved".  
Our promise; “We’ll work tenaciously with you to create the right framework and give you the knowledge to maximise the chance of success; we will guide you but the journey is yours to take.  We will make sure you can focus on the key value building activities and help you realise value in your business endevours".

Peter Christo (Founder)

Latest news

Novatti wins national iAward 2014

The iAwards, currently celebrating its 20th year, recognises companies at the forefront of technology innovation and places an emphasis on products and solutions with global application from Australian innovators.

Announced at the award ceremony on the 29th of August, Novatti Pty Ltd was selected as the winner of the prestigious Financial Applications category of the National iAwards for 2014. Novatti’s multi-services financial application platform, the Novatti Payments System, was evidenced by a range of case studies from Canada, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The iAwards host partners include the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and the Pearcey Foundation. Through the iAwards, the host partners advocate the importance of innovation and productivity which the ICT sector delivers to the Australian economy and globally.


Melbourne Coffee Review

After a flat couple of years, MCR is back and pushing into the roaster space with it's new platform Roastbank.com.

MCR has been the stalwart of the coffee industry for over 10 years.  Its progression from blog to publication to online review service has been a phenomenon combining passion for coffee, Melbourne and technology.  

MCR is a brand of Global Review Services which now is branching into the roaster market, beer and paid reviews for the larger brands.

Medical Media Secures Sale

Innovative startup Medical Media Pty Ltd is acquired by  Cirus Media!

Having worked with Medical Media Group Pty Ltd since its inception in 2006, Christo Partners is delighted to announce the acquisition and positive exit event for the founder and shareholders!


Peter has consulted with Brilliant Productions on and off since 2008.  Initially as a Business & Marketing strategist and currently as our BDM & Marketing Manager.  We have also reciprocated and worked with Peter to launch the first edition of the Melbourne Coffee Review Publication.  In all scenarios, he has conducted himself professionally and ethically and is a refined natural leader with a good sense of humor and an ability to create a happy work place.  I highly recommend Peter for any Entrepreneurial/Strategic projects and senior management role. Love your work Pete! 

JULIE KONDOS, Brilliant Productions

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LAWYERS specialising in new ventures.


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